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What To Do When You have Overdue Bills

How to Save Yourself from Overdue Bills​Put your hand up if you have battled with overdue bills or bills due NOW and you need to try work out how to get them paid!There’s little more stressful than multiple bills due or overdue bills, and not being sure if you’ve  got the money to pay them. […]

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91 Ways to Take Your Salads to the Next Level

91 Ways to Take Your Salads to the Next LevelWhen you are running out of inspiration for salads… You need an extended list of ideas. So we crowd-sourced the tastiest ideas for salads and those extra additions that make all the difference. Roasted Chickpeas, red onion, corn, crispy noodles, croutons, raisins, sultanas, kale, herbsSummer rolls – […]

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Robyn’s Crazy Good Food Story

Robyn’s Crazy Good Food StorySometimes we need extra inspiration to lower our grocery bill…This post was shared by Robyn. She’s amazing at keeping her grocery bill  for her food so low and spending as little time at the grocery shop as possible (be honest… who doesn’t want that!). I’m keeping it in her words as […]

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Cheapest Car Rentals In New Zealand

Cheapest Car Rental In New ZealandYou are off on a weekend trip! You’ve booked the flights on a great sale, found some “cheapish” accommodation – in my case it was a relaxed, friendly backpackers – and then you starting thinking of all the other things to account for. Petrol, snacks… Oops – that’s right, a […]

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Chrisco vs Countdown

Chrisco vs Countdown?Have you wondered how much more expensive Chrisco would be than Countdown? So did we! Thanks to Natalie, one of the admins at our Facebook Community, ​ deciding to investigate the prices and share this! It’s phenomenal information!  “In February, I embarked on a journey comparing costs for a Chrisco hamper versus purchasing the same […]

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Fruit & Vege Co-Ops NZ

NZ Fruit & Vege Co-ops Are you looking to find a fruit and vege co-op in your area? This post will be regularly updated, but go to the local area ones to see if they have added a pickup point that is nearer to you! These are a great way of getting cheaper, seasonal fresh fruit […]

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Cheaper Pet Food

Cheaper Pet FoodPet owners everywhere LOVE their pets… and don’ t love the cost of the food. So here is how to find cheaper pet food! I would love to write this from my own experience… but we have one cat and she only eats one cheap cat food and we can’t move her to even […]

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Tenancy Questions NZ

Tenancy Questions NZNow or later, most kiwi’s have a question about Tenancy in New Zealand – So here are the answers you are looking for! Tenants and Landlords​It can be very helpful to have a place to ask those questions where people who have the answers can help… So here are some options:  NZ Tenancy Advice Facebook […]

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Cheap School Holiday Ideas

​Cheaper School Holiday Ideas!What can I do in the school holidays that’s cheap and fun, I often ask myself… So I checked, and it seems it’s not just me! So, here’s a list of a *few* things that are cheaper that you can enjoy in the school holidays… But we are making this the biggest […]

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