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1 Save Money Whilst Heating Your House!

Save Money Whilst Still Heating your House!Come winter, many houses are freezing! So here are some tips to get you house feeling warmer as cheap as possible!Getting DryThe first step to saving money on heating the house is to make sure that it’s dry.Consider this:You climb into bed at night, and pull the duvet up […]

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10 ways to save on power

10 Ways to Save on Your Power Bill! We are all looking to save money on our power! So here’s 10 ideas that will help you start saving today.Hot water is one of the biggest uses of power in the house, so finding ways to have shorter showers and using the cold tap for washing hands […]

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NZ IRD and Tax Refund Information

IRD? PTS? Tax refund? Working for Families… Answered here! Sometimes you need all the answers to those burning IRD questions, so here some are! If you have further questions, please contact IRD directly. There phone number for personal tax things is 0800 775 247 Each of these topics below have a questions and answers section so open it up […]

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1 Cheapest NZ Power

Cheapest NZ Power​Which is the cheapest? Well, that is the question asked 100’s of times a day – so we thought we’d answer it for you! This article has moved but you can see it here!

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1 NZ Broadband Comparison

NZ Broadband ComparisonNeed to know what you need? What wifi options there are? Rural broadband suggestions? Or how to get the cheapest option? All the ideas are below! This article has moved, but you can see it here!

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