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Cheaper Pet Food

Pet owners everywhere LOVE their pets... and don' t love the cost of the food. So here is how to find cheaper pet food! 

Cheaper Pet Food

I would love to write this from my own experience... but we have one cat and she only eats one cheap cat food and we can't move her to even the expensive stuff! So this is written based on others experience and my research. 

Tips from the Cheaper Living NZ Community

Try using a more expensive petfood with less fillers - They are a higher initial cost, but pets will often eat less so can save money. This will be trial and error for some pets.

​Try looking for a pet meat supplier near you 

Reduce the amount you are feeding them (if they are overweight only!)

​Raw Essentials is worth a look for more info and buying from if you are near them.  Their articles and FAQ are AMAZING! 

​Watch for coupons for pet food

Stock up when there are very good sales

Ask ​your local butcher to see if they have what you need! Ask a few until you get the cheapest! 

Making Your Own? 

It's entirely possible to make your own pet food and it certainly can save money. 

*Please discuss this with your vet - each pet is individual and may have special requirements. This information is based on best information I can find, and may not neccessarily be accurate though I have checked it carefully* 

Tip from a Reader: "Just make sure you research the correct ratios of meat/organ etc, I know when eating meat cats need a lot of heart... but I believe that getting the ratios right for a cat is a little trickier than a dog as they have different vitamin and mineral needs. I used to feed mine dry food in the morning and a mix of mince and heart at night"​

It is important to get the ratios right! Here is the guide for: 

AVOID FOR DOGS - These will hurt your dog. This has been gathered from WebMD: Xylitol (in chewing gum especially!), avocado, alcohol, onions and garlic, caffeine, grapes and raisins, dairy products including milk, macadamia nuts, chocolate, fat trimmed from meat, cooked bones, peach, plums and persimmons, salt, sugary food and drinks (obviously!), be careful with raw meat and eggs (take your own precautions), yeast dough, your medicine, baking powder and soda (and other pantry ingredients!) and nutmeg. 

AVOID FOR CATS - These will hurt your cats.  This has been gathered from WedMD: Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, fat trimmings and be cautious with raw meat, raw eggs or raw fish, grapes and raisins, onions and garlic and xylitol. 

Whatever you do, research well and spend time working it out before starting. ​