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The Ultimate Hospital Packing List

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List and Preparation Plan When it comes time for surgery, for any organised person, a packing list is vital… For an organised mum, even more so! This is where you need the most comprehensive hospital packing list to make you sure you remember everything!  I am having surgery to remove the top rib […]

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Soft Orbeez Handmade Icepacks

Soft Orbeez IcepacksIcepacks are #1 when you have kids, but for instance when you are getting ready for surgery, you might find you need even more. This is a cheap, long lasting and fantastic way to make icepacks that the kids won’t pop easily, are easily moldable and work over and over again. *Disclaimer: I […]

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Bullet Journal Hacks for Mum!

6 Essential Bullet Journal Hacks for Mum!  Add Media Using a Bullet Journal is a fantastic way of keeping organised as a Mum. It works so well – all you need to do is use it consistently! What hacks do I use? What things have I set up to stay more organised? Read on! I still set […]

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