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Cheaper School Holiday Ideas!

What can I do in the school holidays that's cheap and fun, I often ask myself... So I checked, and it seems it's not just me! So, here's a list of a *few* things that are cheaper that you can enjoy in the school holidays... But we are making this the biggest and bestest (totally made up word by Jesiah, my 6 year old!) list of ideas - so share them in the link (it's at the bottom too) or in the comments and lets make this list together!

School Holidays fun

Outside Winter Activities

  • Go to the snow
  • Play with ice in a wheelbarrow or containers left outside
  • Go find a frozen pond
  • Bring snow, or frost from the car inside.

Inside Activities

  • Build Lego
  • Do a craft day with the kids - odd bits and recycling count!
  • Make messy play
  • Put the kids in the bath
  • Tidy up and declutter together – make it a game!
  • Play dolls houses
  • Join a toy library and get something new
  • By something on Facebook marketplace or trade me for the kids to enjoy that you could resell at the same or for a bit more at the end of the holidays - choose wisely
  • Play dates! Even better if you exchange children for the day !
  • Make a inside playhouse/hut
  • Big fridge boxes make great play
  • Baking
  • Rock Painting
  • Mr Maker activities! 
  • At home pamper spa day
  • Craft or jewelry making
  • Scrap booking

Outside Summer Activities

  • Water balloon fights
  • Buckets of water, paddling pools, big pool, water in general!
  • Go to the beach
  • Go to a paddling pool in your town
  • Turn on a sprinkler
  • Create a vege or flower garden
  • Sandpit and water play

Any season outside ideas

  • Build a treehouse
  • Use a pulley and ropes to hang things from a tree
  • Play in the rain
  • Jump in muddy puddles! 

Out-of-home ideas (i.e. going somewhere)

  • Use resources like to buy cheap passes for an activity your kids might like.
  • Go to a McDonald's playground, have a frozen drink and let the kids play!
  • Go to an indoor playground such as the free ones in some malls to let the little ones play
  • Use the resources you have to get cheaper passes if you want to go places - i.e. those who have a child with a disability are eligible for discounts for the child and the caregiver at some places, others have -or have a family member or friend who would let you use it - an entertainment book, at information centres (i-site there are discount vouchers often in the brochures). Use these resources to save if you are wanting to go out somewhere
  • Go to the park with a friend and both of your kids so you can chat... And the kids can play.
  • Feed the ducks
  • Volunteer somewhere in the commuity
  • Go to the park or for a walk
  • Go to a free or nearly free museum 
  • Looking for painted rocks
  • Rock hunting to paint them or for fun 
  • Visit friends or family
  • Swimming at a local pool
  • Local Mall activities
  • Local observatory
  • Scavenger hunts on walks
  • Find animals at a farm park or similar
  • Let the kids play (young ones!) with the op shop toys whilst you look! 

Older Kid Ideas

  • Set a research project for them
  • Let them have some time on the iPad, computer or other technology
  • Let them choose a TV program they may like to watch
  • Help them to set up their own catch ups with friends
  • Sleepovers!

What other ideas do you have? Share in the comments below!