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Tenancy Questions NZ

Now or later, most kiwi's have a question about Tenancy in New Zealand - So here are the answers you are looking for! 

Tenancy Questions NZ

Tenants and Landlords

​It can be very helpful to have a place to ask those questions where people who have the answers can help... So here are some options: 

NZ Tenancy Advice Facebook Group

Tenancy Services Website - this is a government website. Use the search function and try different terms to see if you can find the official answer for it. 

Consumer NZ - This is basic information but is good to get your head around the basic system and your rights and responsibilities. 

Citizens Advice Bureau - They are amazing for so many NZ questions, and have a great overview of the rights and obligations!

Head over the the relevant place and get your answers. If you need it, the phone number for Tenancy Services is: 

0800 836 262

(0800 TENANCY)
Overseas: +64 4 238 4695