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The secret to fix that kids stroller permanently

You've got to be kidding me... The baby stroller seat has fallen off again. Anyone else enjoy it when they see this happen for the 1000th time in a day?

Thankfully... My husband thought more practically than sleepless me.... And here's what we came up with to  to stop us going a little bit crazy!

Here's the Tutorial to stop it Happening - For good! 

  1. Get the stroller
  2. Get needle and thread. Thick thread works better if you have it, or double it over a few times.
  3. Stitch through the seam and then around the bar… then repeat (two times around seems to work better and last better!)
  4. Tie off securely a few times
  5. Pull that seat and see how it now won’t come off!
  6. Never put that stupid stroller seat back on again!

Enjoy that free time you now have each day!