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6 Essential Bullet Journal Hacks for Mum! 

Using a Bullet Journal is a fantastic way of keeping organised as a Mum. It works so well – all you need to do is use it consistently!

What hacks do I use? What things have I set up to stay more organised? Read on!

I still set it up the same way as I would any other Bullet Journal (See my guide for my way of BuJo Setup!). This means collections at the back and a daily list at the front (as well as another few things).

I use a master list for all the tasks I need to get done. These are where I put the specific short term, medium term or bigger tasks – not things like washing folded. They go on the daily list. It’s a list you can look over to find something else you are needing to get done and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Doctors Visit List – I use a page divided into 4 (each kid, me and hubby). Then I write our names at the top and jot down anything that needs to be remembered to talk about when we go to the doctors next. That rash? Reflux? More pain relief needing to be prescribed?

I do a tidying routine that I print and slip into my Bullet Journal. It’s smaller, easier and I can leave it wherever WITHOUT the kids attacking the Bullet Journal. You can download in my downloads here (It’s the Housework Plan)

Week Plan – I print this weekly planner (downloadable in my downloads section! 🙂 ) and using washi tape (my favourite one – pink glitter!), stick it at the front so I remember the daily specific tasks. I use Google Calendar for appointments though.

The Remember in Context list is SO important for me. Do you have a book to return to your mum? A letter for preschool? $2 for a school raffle? And a few items to return to a friend? This is where I have context lists so I can check what I was needing to do when I go to school, Mum’s or a friends. You can set this up in different ways. A page of your diary, post it notes, even highlighting the content on your daily list (i.e. Pink means mum, Yellow is hubby needs to do it). I personally use these A5 sized post it notes usually – except when I’ve run out like right at the moment!!

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