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10 Ways to Save on Your Power Bill! 

We are all looking to save money on our power! So here’s 10 ideas that will help you start saving today.

10 Ways to Save on your Power!
  1. Hot water is one of the biggest uses of power in the house, so finding ways to have shorter showers and using the cold tap for washing hands can help massively.
  2. Cooking dinner tonight? If you can, cook more for more than one night at a time... or cook other things at the same time. Baking, heating up meals for tonight (when you are cooking for the next night) or things like that all help! Using the oven for shorter periods on the majority of days will massively help to reduce it as well rather than cooking things for a long period each day.
  3. Turn things off at the wall that you don't use often... and if they are warm (like our DVD player was!) it means they are using a reasonable amount!
  4. Do you have kids to bath? Then a flexitub (60L works best for my 3 and 5yo, but we used smaller ones when they were younger) from somewhere like The Warehouse is amazing to use less water and still let them have their bathtime. I have bathed my (was) newborn girl in the small sized one too - ever so cute!
  5. Reduce your heating cost! These ideas, from making sure your house is dried out to using your power effectively will help.
  6. Wrap your hot water cyclinder - ask your landlord first and try places like TradeMe too - they aren't always on there... but I got one for $1 at one stage!
  7. Use the hot tap as little as possible and save the hot water from the jug in a thermos if you boil it often. Hot water = Heating the hot water cyclinder (except if you use gas of course) = using power.
  8. Lights get left on all over the house? Or do you just need them in the main living areas? Do you use a light on the toilet as a kids nightlight? Switch the most used light bulbs to energy saver or LED to save that cost. You don't have to do them all, though doing them all will save in the long run too. Just do it as you can!
  9. Check to make sure your power company couldn't be cheaper - if you are a stay at home mum, electric kiwi could be best if you make use of that hour effectively. Try this comparision tool... or www.whatsmynumber.org.nz and if Electric Kiwi is cheapest, message me on Frugal Organized Mama as I have a code you can use to get a $50 credit for new signups
  10. Head around the house checking every single thing that uses power - every switch, every light, every, appliance or thing like DVS/HRV (and some of those have a heater which can be inefficient too!)... Think about how you could reduce each of these!