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IRD? PTS? Tax refund? Working for Families... Answered here! 

Sometimes you need all the answers to those burning IRD questions, so here some are! 
If you have further questions, please contact IRD directly. There phone number for personal tax things is 0800 775 247

Each of these topics below have a questions and answers section so open it up and get your answers! If you have more questions, pop over to our facebook group Cheaper Living NZ and ask in the IRD thread - the link is in the pinned post 🙂 

Personal Tax Summary (PTS) and tax refunds

Family Tax Credit

Parental Tax Credit with a newborn

Secondary Tax

Donation Refunds

Using a Tax Refund Service like Woohoo or Tax refunds rather the IRD site...

Best Start Grant

2018 Tax and Support Changes 

Another question about something related to you, rather than just general?

Please ring IRD on 0800 775 247 to get more advice. They are the best source of accurate answers 🙂 

But...If this doesn't answer it, and it's not a question for IRD, then we welcome your question in Cheaper Living NZ