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Wellington Keto Siblings 

We are a brother and sister team who both enjoy the outdoors, running, cycling and hiking. We both enjoy food and pudding (pudding possibly too much!!)

I am Branden, the eldest sibling - i started my low carb journey about a year ago. I am no expert on the subject, i work out my meals and training according to my body. I listen to my body, when i am hungry i eat and when i am not, i don't! Eating this way has changed the way i think about food and exercise, i have more energy now than i ever did before.

I am Cindy, the younger sibling - i started my low carb journey at the end of Jan 2018. I have loved it ever since!! Changing from the way i was eating to low carb - the change was quick and really visible! Eating low carb is tough, especially in the beginning - as your body is so used to one way of eating that you need to teach yourself (being your mind and body) a new lesson. It's a hard lesson, but once learnt you will start to see the benefits! We got together to share what we had found, with others. We love cooking and baking together, as well as exercising together.

We know how busy life is and we want to help you become a better you! We make loaves, crackers, sweet treats and very recently even made a low carb chocolate cake for a birthday party - the sky is the limit! We research low carb foods every day and test them to make sure they are of the best quality. Eat with us and enjoy life! Eat your way into a new you!!!

Our goal is to be working food as well as fitness/exercise. We really feel both go hand in hand, and we want to try and help people with their move from high carb to low carb meals, and then helping them in basic exercise routines or information.  We are living this ourselves with food and exercise.