Who am I? - Frugal Organized Mama

Who is Hannah?

Hi! I'm Hannah, the Kiwi mum behind Frugal Organized Mama and the Cheaper Living (and co.) Facebook groups. I'm "mummy" to the best kids ever (yeah, I'm biased!), Jesiah who's 5 and Isabelle who's 3. I've been married for over ten years to the best guy in the world - but again, I'm biased. I'm qualified as an early childhood teacher and currently training as a professional coach to then pursue who knows what! 🙂 

Cheaper Living started as a little place to chat back in 2012... and grew and grew and grew! In 2016, I realised that if I didn't create a business through the groups I love, I was going to have to go back to work... and I was working on the groups full time! 

And then, Frugal Organized Mama was born. What this looks like, I don't quite know. I can't promise that certain things will happen and I can't promise that certain things won't happen. 

What I can promise? I love the groups. I love helping people. I love seeing people get out of situations they were struggling in. And, completely honestly, I love Facebook 😉 So, I can promise you I will do my best to keep these groups being authentic, being real, being genuine and being one of the best places to be. 

And if you've read through to here, you might want to know my favourite colour? It's this pink... 😉 
And my favourite group? Yeah, that's always been Organised Chaos 
And my favourite book? Work Clean - The life- changing power of mise-en-place to organize your life, work and mind
And my favourite food... I'll stop here! 

**I do use amazon affiliate links to show products I love and use. I only share things I believe in and love. The money is tiny that I get from it, but it means I can genuinely share things I love and use and get the odd movie with my hubby from it 🙂 **