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The Cheaper Living Facebook Groups Network

Welcome to the Cheaper Living Facebook Network! 

Frugal Organized Mama is the home of our groups and is run by Hannah, creator of the groups. 

All our groups are NZ only 🙂 Cheaper Living started in 2012 with 2 members – more of our history is here!

The groups for you to enjoy are: 
Cheaper Living – Motivating each other to live cheaper
Frugal Kitchen – Cheaper life in the kitchen, cooking with groceries and food
Organised Chaos – Home, life, organising, decluttering, tips and suggestions (with a frugal slant) 
Keto NZ – High fat and low carb eaters
Frugal Renovation & DIY NZ - Finding ways to do that Kiwi DIY on a budget, even when needing to hire professionals. 

Enjoy and share with any kiwi friends! 

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What Cheaper Living Can Do!

Honestly, thank you to the genius who created this page. For the first time in forever I have come home with over $100 to spare 😂😂😂
All the bills are paid ✔️
Rent paid ✔️
Cars are gassed up ✔️
Washing done ✔️ (We live rural so use laundromat to wash and dry approx $40 I did it with $25)
Groceries for at least 8days done under $100 ✔️
Aaaaaand, as of tommorow I haven't been to a single op shop in 1 whole week ✔️ (That's a miracle 😂😂)

Not only has all the clear advice helped me save. The subtle advice has also taught me discipline and HOW I should spend our money. Thank you thank you. I hope there are others out there finding benefits from this page too.x

Keytah Kani